Hi! Hallo! ¡Hola! I’m Onke Truijen, an artist who paints portraits on recycled cardboard.

Onke Paint Self-Portait Acrylics
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Click below to see some of my portraits painted on recycled cardboard and vintage frames:

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About Me

Originally from Holland, I recently moved from Ibiza to Barcelona. For eight years the Ibiza light and bohemian lifestyle were in my head and heart. It was such a change!  But also a place so full of possibilities and people and new sights that are beautiful and raw. I am constantly amazed by the people and by what I visually absorb every day. 

Cardboard Is My Canvas

Cardboard is My Canvas

Recycling and giving discarded materials a new life is something I really believe in. That is one reason why I mostly paint my portraits on cardboard. On top of that, I love the texture of cardboard – it feels so natural – and the colour of it. It makes the paint colours POP!

I collect the cardboard everywhere and even buy it from people who collect it from the streets of Barcelona. It gets cut it up into the sizes I need which makes it super flexible when it comes to styling.

 — Kind Words —

  • “Onke I am honestly super happy with it.”Sabeth

  •  “FAB! Really love it! “Steffi 

  • “In reality they are even more beautiful. Touching.”Jenine

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